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Discover the Charm of French Culture with the 'French Baratin' Podcast

Updated: Jan 20

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Hello and Welcome to the world of 'French Baratin', a unique podcast, carefully designed by the Fulbright Alumni. This monthly podcast is not about just learning French but it's an effervescent journey through French society, culture and contemporary issues.

Smoked with Culture.

Each 45-minute episode of French Baratin is a journey into the heart of France. Starting from the debate regarding regional languages and second-hand fashion to speculations about artificial intelligence in the future to space explorations, it has all been covered in this podcast. It provides an apt fusion of conveying education yet entertaining programs that have been oriented upon providing the listeners with glimpses of detailed insights regarding both the aspects, i.e., the French language as well as the associated culture.

Anchored by Professionals

The hosts, Cécile, Rafael and Sibylle are not only Fulbright Alumns (Sibylle) but also authorities in their fields. It is with this assumption that they broach from the airing of the French Baratin: it consolidates a rich and diverse perspective which is expected to give substantial depth to the podcast for which the French Baratin has been known all along.

Learning while listening

French Baratin uses chapters from podcast applications such as Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts to provide vocabulary cards that help listeners to understand even the most complicated or colloquial words in Molière's language.

A Resource for the Fulbright Alumni Community and Beyond

This podcast is much more than just a tool for learning a language; it promotes educational exchange and cultural immersion - two values at the very heart of the Fulbright community. It's about experiencing French culture in an authentic way, while helping learners keep or improve their proficiency level in one of the most important languages in today's world.

In sum, French Baratin is an inviting and enlightening resource for anyone who would like to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of the French language and culture. It's a congratulations on learning made richer by the insights and expertise of Fulbright Alumni. Tune in and embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of French life and language.


Details about the podcast:

Name: French Baratin

Frequency of episodes: episodes are released on the first Wednesday of each month

French level: B2 and above

Hosts: Cécile, Rafael and Sibylle

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