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Fulbright Thanksgiving promotes Ukraine gastronomy

A few months ago, Fulbrighters and partners of the France Fulbright Alumni Association gathered at Hôtel de Talleyrand for our annual Thanksgiving dinner.

Among them was Andres Munoz, Director of Operations at the Machefert Group and host of our monthly Meet and Greets, and Olena Braichenko from the Ukrainian Institute, Ph.D. in American & Slavik cultures, and author of Ukraine, cuisine et histoire (available on Amazon and here open access).

Together, Olena and Andres decided to host a cultural and culinary event this February 15th, 2023. Check out the QR code on the pamphlet if you would like to attend.

Here at Fulbright Alumni, we value cultural exchange through individual or group initiatives. We are delighted and humbled that our Thanksgiving became the forum where Olena's and Andres' initiative started.

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