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Organize a Wine Tasting Event with an Oenologist

Jess Wilder

Mar 17, 2023

Free France Fulbright Alumni Membership (1y), Event Discounts, others (see mission detail).

  1. Get in touch with the oenologist

  2. Find a date and a venue

  3. Price the event so that it covers all costs (Wine and Food supplies, plates and glasses)

  4. Create an event on Eventbrite and send out invitesa

  5. Send regular reminders until D-day to make sure people show up

  6. On D-day, coordinate with the venue, the oenologist and the invitees

  7. Clean up after the event

(Optional) Get in touch with Christian Kittery to find a venue

(Optional) Get in touch with Lorenzo Colombani to get help with Mailchimp

(Optional) Find volunteers to help you

(Optional) Take pictures of the event REWARD

  • Free 1 year Membership to the Fulbright Association in France

  • 3 free personal guests to the event

  • 30% off our next paying event

  • Get mentioned in our annual report to Washington (Department of State), w/t your picture if you want

  • (Optional) If all optional objectives are met, 50% off our next paying event instead of 30%

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